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Hi, i am Rick Verstraten and happily married with the love of my life Natalie.

We have a great family with 5 kids and we live in Heemstede.

I am a passionate personal and communication coach 

and on a personal mission to help others to communicate more effectively so that they can change their lives for the better!

I focus with heart and soul on the (further) development of (personal) leadership and effectiveness so people can live their BIG dreams!

In the past ten years i helped thousands of people through effective communication, personal coaching and so my own career gained momentum!

Living without a purpose is a big waste of time!

Living without a purpose is a big waste of time!

Let me help you to communicate more effectively and get better results!

The reason that i share this with you is that i made a decision that totally changed my life.

Why’s that? it’s simple – for many years i had a rough life, making the wrong decisions that had a great impact on my health, life and family. 

Than one day i woke up and made a decision, i had enough. Me and my family suffered to long. From that moment i took back control of my life and that felt fantastic!

And when i finally solved my problems i saw more good people struggle, and I decided i want to help. 

This is not about the money. This is what money can do for you! More freedom, more time with family, holiday’s, school for the kids, enzovoort

It’s about giving people the power to take back their own lives.

Simply put, I create, develop and train the leader within!

I help to unlock there inner fire  – by giving them  the simple secrets to the powerful mindset shift it takes to step into their own leadership power.   

I’m here to help you! 


Your just one phone call away from changing your life!

+31 0621430764