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Communication Coach



Every situation requires a different approach,
so the training is always tailor-made.

Paying attention to increasing knowledge and improving skills.

The starting point here is the awareness of current behavior and the possibilities to develop the potential.

With this in mind, as a trainer i am primarily a process
supervisor who allows participants to critically understand
the effect of his or her actions.

The result is that people become aware of their own strength so that they can initiate the change process based on their own influence and responsibility.
In addition to personal development, this also has a positive
effect on functioning in general.
And the longer-term effect is much more effective because people take ownership!

The approach is pragmatic and focused on growth and succes.

In combination with an awareness-raising at behavior and persuasion level,

this is a long-term success formula and guarantees are guaranteed in the future.


Rick offers:

Effective communication with amazing results!

Be powerful within your authenticity

Personal strength

Customer relationships

Change orientation 

Focus on cooperation 

Personal leadership


Resistance is a need

Elevator Pitch

Active and empathic listening

and much more..